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WorldWide Water is a company that plans to stand out from all other corporations.
We have major goals that we look to accomplish. One of these goals is to unite the
world with our vast target market. This target market that I have spoken about is for
people that drink water, are on the go, and care for their environment. As we expand as
a business, we look to expand our sales to all around the world. Our products create a
better standard of living with the use of our healthy alkaline water. We have a high tech
reusable water bottle and exclusive kiosks. These kiosks will be in prime location to
make sure that everyone will have the opportunity to refill their bottles on the go. Our
kiosks also make us stand out from our competition.


We pride ourselves in our product development. The Marketing Department of
WorldWide Water is always thinking of new updates and additions to current products to
stay up to date with the technology we market ourselves of having. Another internal
strength we have is our Human Resources Department. Customer connections are
crucial to have in a business in any field, and with our HR Department constantly
checking on new consumer reviews and feedback, it allows us to develop not only
outstanding company to consumer relations, but also ensuring stable growth and
longevity in WorldWide Water


Our final goal for the Executive Board is that we would like to give back to those
that are in need. Every time a product of ours is purchased, a percentage of the
products will go to countries in need of clean drinking water.



Cayla Spica
Chief Executive Officer